How to feature a Custom Google Street View 360° tour.

Google is currently making updates to the Knowledge Graph (the area/box with information to right of search results). The "See Inside" thumbnail that previewed the 360° Tours we create for our clients is currently affected and in many cases is disabled. This is in preparation for an update/overhaul of the Knowledge Graph that has been announced but not implemented yet. 

In the mean time, we have a couple of very effective solutions that can drive more visitors into a 360° Tour!

License Transfer

This simple step in the publishing process will help the 360° tour to be featured more prominently in your business listing's photo gallery on Google. 

Once we have published a new tour we can initiate an "image license transfer". This step sends a request to the owner account associated with the business's listing on Google. 

The only step required on your end is to accept the license transfer. 

Once complete we are seeing 360° imagery rise to the top in image galleries!

Customized Google Street View 360° Preview Using Posts in Google My Business

A new feature of Google My Business gives us the capability to share Posts to the Knowledge Graph using the Google My Business manager. 

In the example shown here, we created a customized thumbnail graphic that catches the eye and drives clicks into the virtual 360° Street View tour. 


Please contact for a free customized thumbnail for your business's 360° tour (limited to TrustedPhoto clients only please).